“While we hold each student to the studies of alignment, we feel it is important to broaden the scope of learning so that the style of teaching resonates with the student to encourage authenticity and integrity to their teaching.”

           – Rhonda Cordonnier, LMMT, CNMT, RYT200, YACEP

               author of Integrated Fundamentals of Yoga / lead trainer

The Integrated Yogic Path

200hr Yoga Teacher Training Course 

Next Training Session: Nov 6th 2021 - Apr 10th 2022

 Saturday & Sunday: online & in-studio

Class size will be limited due to COVID restrictions BOOK EARLY

REGISTRATION DUE: Oct 30th, 2021

This course was designed to enhance awareness of the mind, body and spirit connection through mindful movement and knowledge of key principals of universal truths. Inspired by the health benefits of yoga and the awareness of the need for yoga instructors to adhere to alignment principles, this program is the result of a deep passion for sharing the yogic path with others.


Throughout the course, our instructor's guide students according to their individual goals and mentor in an environment where we find love, laughter, respect, and the courage to become our authentic selves. 


Yoga History / Philosophy - Functional Anatomy - Effective Cueing - Planning / Sequencing - Meditation - Chakra Studies - The Business of Yoga - Styles of Yoga 

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YTT Reviews

My 200-Hour YTT course at Yoga Mountain Shadows changed my life.  I started my yoga practice in 2015 and practiced every day, if not in a class, at home.  The progress I made in just a few years astonished me. I call yoga my fountain of youth. I feel at least 15-20 years younger now.  Although I had been practicing yoga for over 3 years, I just did what my instructor said to do. Yes! I am one of those students that freeze when the instructor tells us to continue on our own. The only reason I decided to do YTT was to deepen my yoga practice, no way could I ever be a teacher. I freeze at the thought of talking in front of just a few people, but surprisingly to me, I was teaching within a month after completing YTT. YTT not only taught me all about yoga, including, but not limited to the history of yoga, alignment-based asana cuing, flow development with an emphasis on transitions and counter poses, meditation practice, the business of yoga, but the self-study and reflection aspect of YTT made me understand myself and become a more confident person. I definitely recommend YTT at Yoga Mountain Shadows.


- Tammy Briody